Property Management Services

Full Service Property Management Includes:

  • Accounting

We will provide you with monthly and annual accounting of all financial activity that has
occurred throughout the year regarding your property’s management.

We have an amazing record when it comes to successful tenancies. We do not take the screening process lightly.
We review all aspects of the prospective tenant’s credit history as well as background and criminal search.
We verify income and assets prior to forwarding for your review.

  • Bill paying

We pay all invoices related to our properties.
We will provide you with copies of any bills paid on your behalf.

  • Collecting rent

We collect rents and make direct deposits into owner’s account.

  • Drive by exterior inspections of homes twice a year with photos
  • Enforcement of lease provisions
  • Evictions-(attorney/legal fees not included)
  • Financial record retention for 3 years
  • HOA compliance
  • Locating qualified tenants

Understanding how important it is for you to have 100% occupancy, we take our advertising measures seriously. We list in the appropriate MLS, install signage, and run ads. BUT, the best part is the
online exposure you get with the website that we designated and dedicated to just your property.

  • Maintenance

Prior to having any work completed we get owner’s approvals.
When we have maintenance completed we send our owners before and after photos of the work that has been completed.

  • Maintenance supervision
  • MLS marketing
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Move-In walk through inspection

We personally walk the property with the new tenants while they complete the Move-In walk through inspection. We take photographs and video for our records.

  • Move-Out walk through inspection

We personally walk the property with the leaving tenants while completing the Move-Out walk through inspection. We take photographs and video for our records.

  • Professional Photography

We use professional photographs to enhance the marketability of our homes.
Professional photos help us get higher rents and attract more applicants in the
shortest amount of time.

  • Property signage

We install professional signs as needed.

  • Rental lease agreement execution
  • Rental lease agreement negotiations

We have been in the business of negotiations for over 30 years. We will work hard, on your behalf, to
negotiate the terms that work best for both you and your tenant, assuring a successful tenancy.

  • Rental lease agreement preparation
  • Rental preparation
  • Serving legal notices
  • Showing property to perspective tenants
  • Tenant interaction
  • Do you have any questions?

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